Matt Clark

In 1994, Nick Newman returned to Genoa City from a childhood spent at a Swiss Boarding school. Sharon Collins took immediate notice of the dashing young bachelor but was reluctant to give in to his advances because of her past problems with teen pregnancy...

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Michael Baldwin

In one of the most poignant and riveting storylines of the 1990s, the writers of Young and the Restless successfully tackled the touchy issue of sexual harassment.

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The Feud

Katherine vs. Jill

Katherine vs. Jill The ongoing feud between Katherine Chancellor and Jill Foster Abbott sets a record as daytime's longest rivalry. For nearly 27 years, these two women have been constantly getting in the way of the each other's happiness. Whether it's over men, money, or the custody of a child, Katherine and Jill are always in direct competition.

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The Beautiful Isabella

Cuts Like a Knife

Much to the chagrin of Michael and Isabella, Paul learned that his relationship with Isabella was based on a lie. Michael had hired her to play a damsel in distress so he could break Christine and Paul up.

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