Behind the Scenes

Jon & James practice dance moves

Jon Cryer and James Corden of The Late Late Show rehearse the Duckie dance in these exclusive behind-the-scenes snapshots.

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Duckie's Pretty in Pink Dance

A must-see moment

Younger fans know Jon Cryer best from Two And A Half Men, but there is an entire generation of people who will always love him best as "Duckie." Read this blog for a recap on Jon's appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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Jon Cryer's an Open Book

Giving fans an update

Late Late Show Host James Corden asks Jon Cryer about his new book, So That Happened, and Jon talks about his relationship with former co-star Charlie Sheen.

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Where Charlie's Money Went

Photos from the Finale

On the series finale of Two and a Half Men, Charlie shared money with some of the special people in his life.

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