Season 10: Episode 14 - Run, Steven Staven, Run!

Run, Steven Staven, Run!: When Alan doesn’t give Lyndsey a key to the house, she threatens to end their relationship and storms off. Alan goes off to find her, only to see her on a date with her gynecologist. Having recently been dumped by their significant others, Walden, Herb (cheated on Judith with his receptionist), Billy, Alan commiserate about their failed relationships while getting stoned in Herb’s hot tub. They all agree that Alan is the only one who has a chance at salvaging his relationship with Lyndsey. They band together and march over to Lyndsey’s house, high and still in their towels, to kidnap the gynecologist so Alan can talk to Lyndsey. Alan wins her back and we end the episode with the Walden, Herb, Billy and the gynecologist in the hot tub.