Season 10: Episode 16 - Advantage: Fat, Flying Baby

Advantage: Fat, Flying Baby: After Walden’s ex-girlfriend Kate sends him an email asking to see him, they meet for coffee and she explains that she just wanted to reimburse him for the money he invested in her fashion line since she found a new investor. Walden persuades her to have dinner with him and their successful date leads to the two of them moving forward in their relationship with a clean slate. Walden’s hopes are dashed when Kate gets a call from her investor informing her of the arrangements to start production on their new line in a factory based in China. They decide to try making a long-distance relationship work and we learn that Kate’s investor is the omnipresent Rose who has been keeping tabs on them. Meanwhile, Alan treats Lyndsey to an extravagant Valentine’s Day date, but his last surprise turns into a disaster when a man-scaping project goes terribly wrong.