Season 10: Episode 17 - Throgwarten Middle School Mysteries

Throgwarten Middle School Mysteries: A nostalgic Walden watches old video tapes he made in college in which he documented his life goals and realizes that while he has met all of his professional aspirations, he has failed at his personal goal of having a wife and kids. Walden decides to apply the same proactive stance in his love life as he had in his professional life and attends a singles mixer for successful businessmen and women, only to see his ex-wife Bridget there. He approaches her and the two reconnect before ending up in bed together, which leads to a conversation about how Walden has matured into a different person while Bridget insists she is no longer the controlling woman she was before. Their relationship takes the fast track when Bridget moves in and convinces Walden to force Alan to move out and fire Berta in the process. Walden wakes up to see that Bridget has taken his testicles and we cut to the earlier scene from the singles mixer, revealing that Walden didn’t actually tap Bridget on the shoulder and everything that had happened was his projection of what would occur if he approached her.