Season 11: Episode 3 - This Unblessed Biscuit

This Unblessed Biscuit: After Berta throws out her back, Walden and Alan believe she may be getting too old for the job. The guys broach the idea of retirement, but Berta insists that she cannot afford to retire. Walden offers her a lucrative retirement plan which only insults her. As she and Walden argue, Berta becomes defensive and quits. Walden and Alan try out several new housekeepers, but each maid turns out to be worse than the last. When they head to Berta’s house to ask her to return, Walden explains that he only wanted to help her because he cares about her and Berta admits she had overreacted. Berta agrees to continue on as their housekeeper and they come up with a solution to have Alan pick up the slack.