Season 11: Episode 5 - Alan Harper, Pleasing Women Since 2003

Alan Harper, Pleasing Women Since 2003: After Alan stumbles upon a box of Larry’s clothing that Lyndsey was planning to donate to Goodwill, Alan takes the clothes and begins wearing them. Disgusted by Alan's lack of dignity, Walden urges him to reevaluate his affair with Lyndsey. Alan addresses Lyndsey about being in a serious relationship, but she refuses and cites Larry's indescribable appeal which piques Alan's curiosity. When Alan follows Larry to his weekly spin class and introduces himself as "Jeff”, he finds himself befriending Larry. Alan cancels on Lyndsey to secretly attend a basketball game with Larry, but she shocks Alan by showing up in their sky box. Although Lyndsey is angry at him, she is also turned on by the risky situation and pulls Alan into the bathroom to have sex. Meanwhile, Walden is concerned that Jenny is not doing anything to further her career and signs her up for an acting class. He is disappointed when he discovers she blew off the class, but Jenny ends up landing an acting gig anyway after meeting a casting director at a bar next to the class.