Season 11: Episode 16 - How To Get Rid Of Alan Harper

How To Get Rid Of Alan Harper: After Alan/Jeff Strongman accepts Larry’s offer to be his best man, Lyndsey pressures Alan to renege on his agreement. Alan goes over to Larry’s house to give him the news, but instead he is greeted by Larry’s sister Gretchen who is in town. Alan and Gretchen hit it off and start dating, although she does not want Larry to know about them. To complicate matters, Lyndsey tells Alan she misses him and they resume their fling. Meanwhile, Nicole’s standoffish behavior leads to Walden and Barry following her to a restaurant where she is meeting another man. When Walden confronts her about it, she explains her meeting was to accept a job at Google. Walden refuses to join her team, citing his belief in being an innovator and not an adaptor. As Walden is moping at home, Barry shows up at his door and proclaims his desire to work with Walden instead of Nicole. Walden’s joy evaporates when he learns Barry doesn’t have a place to stay.