Season 7: Episode 9 - Captain Terry's Spray-On Hair

Captain Terry's Spray-On Hair: When Chelsea does not have an orgasm, Charlie's insecurities take over. He feels he is to blame, and that this is the sign of a depressing sex-life to come; Chelsea sees it as normal and no big deal. He plans a romantic evening to turn things around, and even seeks advice from Berta. We come to find out that Chelsea is upset because her ex-husband is getting re-married. Charlie is shocked to learn that it’s not about him or the sex, it’s about Chelsea's feelings, and listening to her share her feelings helped her overcome her inhibitions.
Meanwhile, while internet dating, Alan tries spray on hair while he is waiting for the eastern European (non FDA approved) hair growth pills he bought to work. After the spray-on hair fails,  Alan begins using J-Date and wears a yarmulke to cover his thinning hair. The pills cause unsightly results.