Season 8: Episode 2 - A Bottle of Wine and a Jack Hammer

A Bottle of Wine and a Jack Hammer: Lindsey asks Alan to move in with her and Alan tells Charlie that he’s torn and doesn’t know what to do. He’s comfortable and has a good thing at Charlie's. Charlie unsuccessfully tires to get Alan to move out by making living there uncomfortable.  However, when Alan finds out how upset it will make Judith that he will now be living on her street, he decides to move in with Lindsey just to piss her off. Charlie pays off Jake and Eldridge to not mess up this move as he’s overjoyed to have his house back. Alan stops by a liquor store to get champagne and runs into Melissa and passion overtakes them and they rush back to Charlie's house to have sex. Alan begins to use Charlie's house to hook up with Melissa then he goes home to Lindsey.