Season 8: Episode 7 - The Crazy Bitch Gazette

The Crazy Bitch Gazette: Charlie and Michelle are dating and he’s really starting to like her. Throughout the day Michelle meets all of Charlie’s family and they all make him out to be a horrific person. Thing worsen when Charlie and Michelle are out on the deck having a drink and Rose pops up over the balcony. Charlie makes the introduction and Rose somehow knows everything about Michelle (credit card information, what she packed, where she lives). Michelle can’t take Charlie’s crazy family anymore and dumps Charlie. Rose tells Charlie and Alan that she’s getting married. Alan is upset that he wasn’t invited. Charlie and Alan decide to crash Rose’s wedding to see if it’s really happening. We cut to Charlie and Alan on the upstairs balcony of the church looking down at Rose’s wedding in progress (their pov is just of the preacher). Charlie and Alan leave a little surprised that Rose is actually married and we cut to another POV and realize that everyone is a mannequin.