Season 5: Episode 5 - Putting Swim Fins on a Cat

Putting Swim Fins on a Cat: Alan panics over the household finances because Charlie hasn’t sold a jingle in a while. Looking for ways to cut back, he goes to Berta, who won't even consider taking a temporary pay cut. Judith is no help either, refusing when Alan asks if he can cut back on child support. Charlie tells Alan it’s not a big deal; he shouldn't worry so much about money. Unable to sit back and let the cards fall where they may, Alan decides to enroll in a paid medical trial for a pharmaceutical company which results in him getting a rash and having his hair fall out. Meanwhile, Charlie meets Linda’s four-year-old son Brendan and finds the best way to communicate with him is to sing him little songs. Charlie makes a CD of the songs for Brendan to listen to when he’s away. Linda’s ex-husband, who happens to be in the music business, hears the CD and offers Charlie an advance and wants to get it recorded. Charlie jumps at the chance--it looks like Alan's worries about money are over.