Season 5: Episode 7 - The Leather Gear is in the Guest Room

The Leather Gear is in the Guest Room: When Alan comes home with a new glass vase, Charlie thinks it’s the ugliest thing and refuses to allow it in the house. Alan complains to Charlie that he doesn’t have an equal say in their home's décor. The next day, Charlie brings home a woman, and mid-seduction he sees the new candy-filled vase displayed in the living room. Charlie is so angered he can’t even close the deal with his new friend. After Alan and Charlie argue, Alan grabs Jake and heads for Evelyn’s house, interrupting a romantic evening that Evelyn and Teddy (Robert Wagner) had planned. The next morning, Teddy tries to have a heart-to-heart talk with Alan. He tells Alan that he had an older brother who treated him badly after taking him in, so he left the house. He never spoke to his brother again, and he regrets it every day. Alan doesn’t buy it. Teddy then goes to Charlie’s house and has the same talk with Charlie, who doesn’t fall for it either. Teddy goes back to Evelyn’s and they have a huge argument about Alan being at the house. Evelyn makes her move, heading for Charlie’s house with a suitcase. Charlie has to swallow his pride and apologize to Alan in order to get him back, thereby preventing his mother from moving in.