Season 5: Episode 8 - Is There a Mrs. Waffles?

Is There a Mrs. Waffles?: Charlie’s jingle writing for children is taking off and he’s become a huge sensation. He even has his own infomercials. Known as Charlie Waffles, Charlie is required to make CD signing appearances at children’s book stores. He decides to make the most of it by using his charm and popularity to pick up moms. This overnight success results in the record label throwing a big concert at the local civic center auditorium. When Charlie refuses to go, Alan discovers that Charlie has suffered from stage fright all of his life. Becoming a jingle writer kept him from needing to go on stage. The record label threatens to sue Charlie for not honoring his contract obligations. Realizing he's got to go on, he gets drunk before he takes the stage. While Alan is horrified at Charlie's immature stage antics (not to mention resentful at his recent success), the kids and their moms love Charlie. He's a hit!