Season 5: Episode 9 - Tight's Good

Tight's Good: Teddy and Evelyn have gotten engaged and Charlie and Alan are miserably bored at their engagement party. Teddy's daughter Courtney soon arrives, who Evelyn doesn’t get along with but who Charlie is instantly attracted to. Teddy warns Charlie to stay away from his daughter. Courtney sells high-end cars, and she sets up an appointment for Charlie to check out her cars. While showing Charlie the Ferrari, Courtney is clearly hitting on him but Charlie, honoring Teddy’s wishes, hesitantly turns her down. The next day Courtney drops by the house with keys to a Bentley that she wants Charlie to test drive. Still hitting on Charlie, Jenny asks him what he’s got to lose and seconds later, they end up in bed. Later, Teddy and Evelyn come over to ask Charlie if they can have the wedding at Charlie’s house. Charlie tells Courtney to make herself scarce and not come downstairs while he deals with Teddy and Evelyn. When Teddy asks Charlie and Alan if they would do the honor and stand up for him at the wedding, music blares from upstairs and Charlie panics. Charlie bolts upstairs, and Courtney tells him she was bored and wanted to listen to music. He temporarily gets her to be quiet only to have her blast the music again when he goes back downstairs. Frantic, he runs back upstairs and asks her what it’s going to take to shut her up so he can go downstairs and deal with Teddy and Evelyn. There's only one thing she wants: for Charlie to buy that Ferrari. He caves. On his way out, Teddy tells Charlie he warned him about staying away from his daughter: she’s a sociopath.