Under The Dome
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Season 1: Episode 5 - Blue On Blue

Blue On Blue: As Joe continues his speculation that he and Norrie are human receivers for the dome, they are distracted by a swarm of butterflies by the dome dispersing to reveal a wave of family and friends coming to visit the townspeople. After Barbie notices that Dodee can read lips and asks for her help in communicating with a soldier outside, they learn that the butterflies are a hint of altered magnetic fields and put together the government’s plan to launch an M.O.A.B. ("Mother of all Bombs”) missile at the dome in hopes of destroying the dome. They spread the news to the rest of the town and everyone takes shelter at the local cement factory, but the missile only destroys everything outside of the dome, leaving Chester’s Mill unharmed. Following Coggins’ threats to publicly reveal the propane smuggling Big Jim facilitated for drug dealers, Big Jim presses Coggins into the dome until his cochlear implant explodes and kills him. After Norrie is surprised by a father she never knew about, she runs off with Joe to help him find Angie who has been released from the shelter by Big Jim, only to be ambushed by Junior again.