Under The Dome
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Season 1: Episode 8 - Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water: With the limited water supply and the threat of a potential food shortage, Big Jim tries unsuccessfully to bargain with Ollie for more water from his well in exchange for propane. Big Jim strategizes a way to take Ollie’s land under the town’s ownership by rounding up volunteers to go up against Ollie’s henchman. After being kicked out of the house and disowned by his father, Junior helps Ollie ambush Big Jim, but Junior learns the truth about his mother’s suicide and decides to pull the trigger on Ollie instead of his father. While the two groups are attacking each other, Barbie fashions a makeshift I.E.D. to blow up the well and divert the water back to the town reservoir. The distributed water ends the conflict and Barbie makes his distrust in Big Jim known. Meanwhile, Angie helps Norrie cope with Alice’s death. After Joe takes Julia to the Mini-Dome, Julia touches it and sees an apparition of Joe who imparts the message, "The monarch will be crowned.”