Under The Dome
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Season 1: Episode 13 - Curtains

Curtains: In order to buy Julia and the kids more time to do its bidding, the dome covers itself in an opaque, black coating, preventing light from the outside getting in. Linda discovers the kids’ big secret, just as the monarch butterfly inside the mini-dome begins to hatch, forcing the kids to go against her and the law in order to hide it. Julia awakes and makes the decision to save Barbie before protecting the mini-dome. Big Jim throws Barbie in a jail cell before regrouping with Linda and hunting for the mini-dome. Junior grapples with the idea that in order to do what the dome wishes, he might have to kill his father. The kids place their hands on the mini-dome, releasing the egg and the monarch butterfly and allowing it to crown the monarch – Julia – which leads to more visions. Learning that Julia is helping the kids hide the egg, Linda turns against her and sides with Big Jim who, after hearing the mantra "pink stars are falling,” recalls his late wife’s painting and believes he is somehow connected to the dome and reunites with Junior, forming a dangerous, deluded duo. The dome appears to Norrie in the form of Alice and warns her and Julia to protect the egg lest it fall into the wrong hands. Big Jim orders a gallows built for Barbie’s execution. As Julia drops the egg into the lake to prevent it from being found, a shaft of light appears validating her decision, but unfortunately this same sign leads Big Jim to believe his decision to hang Barbie is also correct, and so he does…