Under The Dome
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Season 2: Episode 2 - Infestation

Infestation: Chester's Mill might be free from the dome's mysterious magnetism of last week's episode -- but that doesn't mean everything is totally back to normal. Far from it! We first see the mysterious girl (saved last week by Julia and Sam) wandering through the woods; where she's going is anyone's guess; Julia and Barbie have happily reunited; Rebecca, the town's science teacher, comes upon a very strange occurrence in her garden; and Big Jim seems to have turned a huge corner, offering (shockingly kindly) to make breakfast for houseguests Joe and Norrie. The only thing missing is Angie, who the teenagers realize never came home last night. Big Jim sends a still-upset Junior to open the high school back up for Rebecca ... and it's then that Junior makes a startling discovery: Angie, covered head to toe with butterflies, is dead.

Rebecca finds Big Jim at the diner and tells him the bad news her garden's issues have confirmed -- something about the dome's recent magnetism has sent the town's caterpillar population into overdrive ... if they don't kill them (and soon), they'll eat all of their crops. Of course, no crops means no food for Chester's Mill. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie stumble upon the mysterious girl asleep in the forest -- and they bring her to Big Jim's house. A distraught Junior makes it to the diner and tells everyone of Angie's death. Big Jim, new deputy Phil, and Barbie go to the school to investigate -- finding a girl's bloody shoe print at the scene. Naturally, Junior thinks Big Jim found out Angie wanted him dead and retaliated., but Big Jim reminds his son that love has made him do crazy things in the past.

Barbie and Julia are at Big Jim's house, discussing the mysterious girl's appearance and what it could mean about Angie's death, when they see smoke rising from a nearby field. It's Rebecca, taking the caterpillar matter into her own hands by burning some of the town's crops! Big Jim thinks it's just another test from the dome, like the magnetism, and that it's up to him to save everyone once again ...

The mysterious girl -- who doesn't remember her own name -- tells Julia that she was indeed at the school when Angie was killed. Julia later asks Sam if the girl spoke while at the cabin; she didn't, but Sam thinks he recognizes her. He reveals himself to Julia as Big Jim's brother-in-law, and shows Julia a picture his sister drew over 30 years ago, of a girl who very closely resembles Chester's Mill’s most recent citizen. Meanwhile, more-experienced pilot Barbie hijacks Big Jim's airplane and starts spraying pesticide over the town's crops. It's a dangerous mission, and Barbie almost runs out of fuel -- until Big Jim reveals there's a reserve fuel tank, saving Barbie from crashing. Junior, Joe, and Norrie are convinced that the mysterious girl killed Angie and confront her at the jail. Just then, Sam and Julia arrive, telling everyone they've discovered bruises on Angie's body that match those of a man-sized hand. The killer couldn't possibly be the much-smaller girl.

Later, the town gathers for Linda and Angie's funeral. Barbie finds a tearful Joe hiding at the diner, looking around for Angie's special bracelet. He convinces Joe to attend his sister's memorial -- he might regret it if he doesn't. Big Jim gives the service's eulogy, explaining that he's found faith after all the dome's "tests," and the townspeople start to look at him like a leader once again -- a fact that doesn't sit too well with Julia or Barbie. But Rebecca is on board; the town needs him, especially since their resources are getting so limited. Ultimately, Junior finds Angie's bracelet under his cot at the jail; he shows up at Sam's cabin, and admits he may actually have been the one who killed Angie ...