Under The Dome
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Season 2: Episode 5 - Reconciliation

Reconciliation: Melanie (Grace Victoria Cox) is dreaming about the night she died, but is woken up by Joe (Colin Ford) and Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz). How is it possible she's now alive? Barbie (Mike Vogel) comes clean to Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) about what he's learned -- including Melanie's connection to Pauline (Sherry Stringfield), Lyle (Dwight Yoakam), and Sam (Eddie Cahill). He also seizes the moment to tell Julia he isn't the bad guy; it was Big Jim (Dean Norris) who broke his promises. Sam finds his cabin ransacked and Pauline's journal missing; however, tucked safely inside a small box, he finds its missing pages. There's a commotion in the next room. It's Junior (Alexander Koch), looking again through his uncle's things. He explains that Lyle knocked him out and took the journal. Could Lyle have killed Angie to fulfill Pauline's "prophecy"? He also lets it spill that Pauline is (evidently) alive. Sam seems to know more than he's letting on, especially about Pauline -- but the two decide to search for Lyle together.

Tensions are high at the Sweetbriar Rose; Chester's Mill is split down the middle, with half believing in Big Jim and the other half looking to Julia. Julia asks Carolyn (Aisha Hinds) to represent Big Jim and Rebecca (Karla Crome) for their "trial." At a town meeting, Julia announces her intentions to hold a voluntary food-share drive. Just as she's about to start Jim and Rebecca's arraignment, several townsfolk lock horns. Barbie tackles one of the angriest, Wendell; in the melee, sheriff Phil (Nicholas Strong) shoots Wendell ... dead.

Rebecca admits to Julia that Big Jim lied; Barbie was never on board with their plan. Later, Julia makes a reluctant (and now seething) Phil turn in his badge. At Lyle's shop, Sam pretends to "find" the missing journal pages; one's a picture of Angie, the other is of the "Four Hands." Ultimately, Sam gets Junior to admit that he, Joe, Norrie, and Angie were the "Four Hands"; could Lyle be trying to kill them, one by one, to bring the Dome down? Meanwhile, the teens go to the edge of town; surprisingly, when Melanie touches the Dome, nothing happens. Norrie's frustrations grow -- especially after she finds Melanie and Joe kissing. A drunken Phil shows up at the jail; he and Jim discuss a plan to "win back" the town. Sam and Junior go to Big Jim's house, hoping to find the teens; Sam pretends to pour himself a drink, but manages to get Junior drunk instead.

Julia and Carolyn work on the food-share program at the fire station. Just as Barbie realizes some boxes are mysteriously empty, the station explodes into flames! Phil shows up at the scene and blames Julia. Barbie helps her calm down; he believes in her, and they'll get through this together. Julia sees Andrea, passing out water bottles; where could they have come from? Inside the station, Phil unlocks a mysterious back room ... that contains the donated food! When Carolyn questions him, she's attacked; thankfully, Barbie manages to save her. Back at Big Jim's house, Sam is about to smother a now-sauced Junior with a pillow -- until Junior wakes up, and tells his uncle how much he loves him. Julia later finds Andrea at her home, and makes a startling discovery; her entire house is filled with food! Turns out, Andrea's husband was a "survivalist" and had stored the food in case of emergency. She trusts Julia, and they decide to use it to feed the town.

A frustrated Sam throws the empty vodka bottle at a painting; Junior says Pauline painted it when he was in third grade. The pair discovers another painting on its back -- it's of an obelisk (the one Junior saw in his dream) and the number of the locker where Angie was murdered. At the Sweetbriar Rose, townsfolk are enjoying a veritable feast, and Julia explains they must all let go of the past -- even if it means forgiving Big Jim and Rebecca (now released from jail). Big Jim appears to reconcile with Julia, but there's something up his sleeve. Rebecca goes to the school after the kids ask her to compare Joe and Melanie's blood, but she hears a commotion in the hall. Sam and Junior are at the locker where Angie was killed; when Sam pries it open, they see a tunnel inside ... leading down ... but to where?!