Tilted Kilt: Ron Lynch
Posted on Nov 7, 2012 01:40pm

Tilted Kilt, Ron Lynch

Why the Boss wants to go undercover:
At Tilted Kilt, Ron Lynch knows that the guiding principles of the company are what keep the restaurants moving forward, especially the idea of portraying class in everything they do. As the chain continues to expand, it's important for Ron to make sure that every one of his employees is living up to those principles so that Tilted Kilt can be the most respected and recognized sports pub in the country.

Jobs he will do undercover:

Bartender – This president knows the bar service at Tilted Kilt is a big percentage of the overall sales. To get those sales the bartenders need to be entertaining in order to hook customers and keep them coming back. How will the boss feel when he finds out the magnitude of personal problems one of his best bartenders pushes aside every day while keeping her guests happy?

Security – When Ron shows up for work he quickly finds out that he's responsible for much more than peoples safety. However, as President, knowing that both the customers and the employees feel safe at the restaurant is paramount to him. What will his reaction be when he learns first hand just how poorly some of his waitresses are treated and how unhappy his staff is?

Server – While in Southern California the boss is thrilled when he first meets a young server who's cute, friendly, and even does fun bar tricks. His impression quickly changes as the class fades and the inappropriate behavior abounds. Can Ron redirect this young employee back to the Tilted Kilt's guidelines?

Cook – The food served at Tilted Kilt is just as important to Ron as the attitude of the girls that serve it. As he starts his work in the kitchen, the boss is blown away at the seamlessness with which the kitchen staff works together. As he struggles to keep up with the workload, he learns about the personal sacrifice of his employee. Will Ron find a way to let this employee know the sacrifice has not gone unnoticed?

Featured Employees
Shayna, Bartender
Spencer, Security
Kaliane, Server
James, Cook