Cinnabon: Kat Cole
Posted on Nov 14, 2012 11:50am


Why the Boss wants to go undercover: As a young CEO, Kat has worked hard to expand the Cinnabon brand, not just to new locations, but through cross branding as well. Before they "really turn up the heat," with the next round of new products and ideas, this CEO wants to make sure that everything that's been rolled out so far is being executed properly and that everything is headed in the right direction.

Jobs she will do undercover:

Supervisor – Fondly remembering what it's like to be a young mall employee, Kat is looking to make sure that this location has everything it needs to keep succeeding. What she doesn't count on finding is a young girl whose early family struggles and hunger to succeed mirror her own life. Will this CEO be able to find a way to help this young employee the way she was helped?

Packaging, Machine Operator– Cross branding has been a big success for Cinnabon but as CEO, Kat needs to make sure that the standards that are being set and met in the bakeries are also being met in the factories with the other brands. Used to sitting at a desk, will she be able to keep up with the fast pace of production on the factory floor?

Coffee Hostess – At a busy truck stop in Virginia, this CEO is more than pleased to find out that all of the standards for the cinnamon rolls are being met even in this very nontraditional bakery setup. But when a customer starts to ask too many questions, will this boss be able to keep up her charade in front of the employee?

Manager – Located in one of the largest malls in the country, Kat knows that with all the other snack options available, competition is fierce. Even with that competition though, this location is always increasing sales and this CEO is eager to find out how. What she finds is a hard working manager who actually creates energy to bring more people to the counter. Will the boss find a way to reward this dedicated manager?

Featured Employees
Mayra, Supervisor
Linda, Machine Operator (Cream of Wheat)
Moka, Coffee Hostess
Miguel, Manager