PostNet: Steve Greenbaum
Posted on Dec 5, 2012 10:35am


Why the Boss wants to go undercover: Steve hopes that by going undercover he'll be able to see what challenges these franchises face in order to better serve them and regrow the company.

Jobs he will do undercover:
Franchise Owner – Steve starts in New Jersey where sales are above the company average. He's hoping to he'll get some ideas that he can take to other owners but will this Co-founder be able to keep his cool when some of the business strategies he's put into place are belittled and rejected by one of his franchise owners?

Shipping/Packaging – Customers trust PostNet to sometimes send valuable and expensive goods, and this CEO wants to make sure that these items are being packed as well as possible. When an Iraqi Vet opens up about his time served and the bond he had with those he lost, can Steve find a way to help this wounded warrior?

Franchisee – Las Vegas is where the whole company began. It was also one of the hardest hit cities during the recession. When Steve discovers one of his centers is stuck in the past and still struggling, can this CEO find a way to help his dedicated owners?

Graphic Artist – Providing graphic design needs is one of the newest ways PostNet has found to serve its customers. When he's left on his own though, will this businessman be able to handle himself in an artistic environment?

Featured Employees
Todd, Franchise Owner
: Todd is an outspoken free-thinker who is not afraid to share his thoughts. An entrepreneur and salesman, Todd is dedicated to making his PostNet franchise the best that it can be.
Belton, Shipping/Packaging: Belton is charismatic and full of energy. Despite having endured a lot of pain while serving time in the Marines, Belton maintains a hopeful spirit and positive attitude. He's always willing to help out someone less fortunate, and he also makes a great lasagna.
Jim & Tina, Franchisees: Jim & Tina have struggled through the worst economic downturn in US history, enduring the ordeal in Las Vegas, a city which was one of the hardest hit. They are so dedicated to PostNet that they never take vacation and their only employee is their son. Despite their troubles, they always count on each other for support.
Shannon, Graphic Artist: Shannon is a dedicated single mom who has devoted her life to caring for her autistic son Tyler. She uses her abilities as an artist to bolster PostNet's graphic design and is truly committed to making her son's life the best it can be.