Kampgrounds of America (KOA): Jim Rogers
Posted on Jan 9, 2013 10:55am

Why the Boss wants to go undercover: The KOA mission has tried for years to get people from their backyards to the back country and since becoming CEO, Jim has worked very hard to grow this company not just in size, but in reputation. He knows that in order to keep KOA's reputation in good standing, the front line employees have a very important job of keeping a genuine engagement with the guests, and going to the front line, is the only way to make sure these employees know just how important the role they play is to the success of the company.

Jobs he will do undercover:

Store Manager – The stores are like the headquarters of the camps. They are where people check in and out, and get supplies they may need and because of this, the managers need to have great skills at interacting with guests. But when Jim hears first hand the abuse that this manager takes from guests and her feelings of under-appreciation, will he be able to find a way to make it up to her?

Housekeeper – Part of KOA's great reputations is built on the cleanliness of the campgrounds and this CEO knows that the best way to keep that reputation is to make sure the cleaning is being done to the best and highest standards. Ready to get in there and get his hands dirty, how will this Eagle Scout react when an employee is continually unprepared for the tasks ahead?

Franchise Owner – Stopping in Arizona to check in on some new owners, Jim is hoping that he'll find them engaged and energized to grow and improve their property. Jim understands the time and energy that goes in to running a camp, When this ‘get-it-done' employee lets go that he feels like sometimes his family suffers because of the time they have to put in at the family business, will this boss find a way to properly reward this new owners hard work and dedication?

Guest Services – From electrical work, to maintenance, to cleaning, to delivery of items from the store, guest service workers have a wide variety of responsibilities. After learning one of his guest service workers has won a national award but never received a personal thank-you, can this CEO rectify the damage done by this lack of gratitude?

Featured Employees
Sadie, Store Manager: Cute and spunky, Sadie is a friendly smile in the busy hub of the campground. She is always polite and patient when customers and campers get unruly. A tomboy who can do just about everything on the campground, Sadie is the perfect face of KOA.

Nathan, Housekeeper: Nathan is in charge of the dirty work at the campground, from cleaning luxury tents to sanitizing the public bathrooms. Despite housekeeping being less-than-pleasant work, Nathan is full of boundless energy and a dedicated work ethic that he uses to support his young family.

Bruce & Lori, Franchise Owner: Bruce and Lori have only begun in the camping industry, with only one year of experience under their belt. Despite their newness in the business, they have a grand vision for their campground and have a passion to make it the best in the entire KOA system.

Paul, Guest Services: Paul is the King of Can-Do around KOA. He "can do" everything, from maintenance to hospitality, and he manages to do it all with a smile. An advocate of general good will and supporter of KOA's cancer charity camps, Paul is a saint at KOA.