Fatburger: Andy Wiederhorn
Posted on Apr 1, 2013 03:55pm


Why the Boss wants to go undercover:
Fatburger has a long history in Southern California, starting in 1952, its roots stem from South Central Los Angeles. The company has had its struggles but has since been restructured and continues to grow; in fact, it is currently expanding to 27 countries worldwide. For Andy, this is a crucial turning point for the company and in order to keep the business thriving, he must go undercover to make sure the stores are being operated according to the brand standards.

Jobs he will do undercover:
General Manager – The duties of a General Manager are expansive and challenging. In order to run a restaurant efficiently, he or she must make sure that the staff knows how to execute each step of the burger-making process from start to finish. What kind of pickle will the boss find himself in when he packages hamburgers a bit too perfectly?

Assistant Manager – In order for Fatburger to remain "The Last Great Hamburger Stand" each restaurant needs the correct tools to provide each and every customer with outstanding service. How will the boss react when he sees a franchise struggling with both its equipment and its morale?

Bakery Technician – What is a hamburger without a bun? Andy, steps out of the restaurant and into the bakery to make sure that every bun is up to the Fatburger standard. Will the boss stack up to this veteran line worker?

Shift Supervisor – In the restaurant business, employees are what keep a company afloat. Andy has witnessed superb service in all of his stops and this visit does not disappoint. He is however, shaken to find out how turbulent this shift supervisor's life is and the rebuilding she has done over the past year. What will this CEO do in order to alleviate some of the burdens that have been placed on his employees?

Featured Employees
Val, General Manager: Val is always smiling and cares deeply for her co-workers. She does what she can to make sure that everyone is cared for in the restaurant.
Angelica, Assistant Manager: Spunky Angelica stays positive and puts on a brave face at the restaurant, despite the recent death of her father and other hardships that she has endured.
Ramon, Bakery Technician: Ramon has been a dedicated Fatburger employee for almost thirty years. As a baker in charge of all the Fatburger buns, Ramon takes absolute pride in making sure that every piece of bread is perfect when it leaves his hands.
Lisa, Shift Supervisor: Lisa has endured as many hardships as anyone in the history of "Undercover Boss." From the death of her husband to drugs, to her own addiction, to extreme financial fatigue, Lisa has managed to turn her life around, one day at a time.