ADT Security Services: Tony Wells
Posted on Apr 10, 2013 12:25pm


Why the Boss wants to go undercover:
ADT has been in operation for 140 years by growing and changing with new technologies and innovations. Since joining the company eight months ago, Tony has worked hard to make sure that in addition to innovation and technology the company is staying customer centric. He knows that with these three practices in place, ADT could be around for another 140 years.

Jobs he will do undercover:

Business Sales – This Chief Marketing Officer is used to coming up with the campaigns, not selling them. What will happen when he goes out with a high performing salesman door to door, will he close the deal or fold under the pressure?

Home Installation – This high level executive knows that anytime a service technician goes into a customer's home it's a very delicate situation with a huge amount of trust involved. What will happen when, with drill in hand, this boss starts to screw up?

Emergency Dispatch Operator – In a company where the motto is "always there" the operators at the dispatch center play a very important role in the company. As he starts taking calls, can this boss handle the pressure of possibly holding a life in his hands? And what will he do when he finds out some of the employees might not care for the customers as much as they should?

Home Sales – Home security systems is the largest part of ADT. Sales people go out everyday to not only sign up new customers but to sell current customers on upgrades to their current systems. Will this CMO be driven to make changes in policy when he finds out how much the salesmen are struggling?

Featured Employees
Matt, Business Sales Manager: As a Business Sales Manager, Matt oversees teams that sell specifically to retail locations as well as going out and making sales calls himself. Matt knows that the only way he'll continue to be successful is if the people below him are successful; so he takes special pride in making sure they are properly trained to succeed in their market area.
Jesus, Service Technician: Being a service technician is a physical job. Jesus spends his days going up and down ladders installing new and upgrading old security and home automation systems. He installs and programs systems to multiple houses a day making sure that customers are properly informed on how to use their system before he leaves.
Dianne, Emergency Dispatch Operator: Dianne works in a massive call center where she calls customers whose alarms have gone off. The alarms can be set off by anything from fire to carbon monoxide to burglary to a customer running a test. As an operator, Dianne doesn't know what she's calling about until she reaches the customer and therefore treats every call like it could be an emergency.
Mike, Home Sales Representative: As a sales representative, Mike works to being in new clients to ADT. In order to do this he first makes phone calls or cold calls to perspective clients to set up a meeting with them. When he does get the meeting, he goes to people's homes and presents them with all that ADT has to offer and tries to sign up everyone he meets.