Retro Fitness: Eric Casaburi
Posted on Apr 23, 2013 02:05pm


Why the Boss wants to go undercover:
Eric Casaburi started Retro Fitness in a time when people are looking for a cheap, but high quality gym workout. The company has grown to over 90 locations and is expanding at a great rate. Eric's passion for his brand is immense; he wants everyone to love him and the company. Eric wants to go undercover to see if the systems he has put in place are working and to discover what improvements need to be made.

Jobs he will do undercover:
Sales – Getting people to join the gym is the most crucial part of making Retro Fitness a successful company. Sales associates are tasked with giving tours and closing deals. Will the boss be able to stay in character when he's faced with a failed sales attempt?

Front Desk Associate – Being the first employee that a member sees makes the Front Desk Associate a very important role in the company. Another duty of this position is to manage the juice bar which is a crucial part of the Retro Fitness revenue. Eric genuinely cares about what is being produced for each and every member. What will happen when the boss is faced with his worst nightmare?

General Manager – General Managers are an important part of the Retro Fitness family; they are tasked with keeping the gym running smoothly. How will the boss react when he discovers a hiccup with the phone systems? And how will he feel when he sees an employee with the same pain he dealt with in the past?

Featured Employees
Megan, Sales: As a sales associate, Megan greets guests, makes announcements and sells gym memberships. She has confidence in the brand she works for and knows that the attitude she brings to work has the power to make others Retro Fitness enthusiasts as well. Megan takes pride in her work and has a great appreciate for what the gym can do for its members.
Jacqueline, Front Desk Associate: Jacqueline's job as a Front-Desk Associate is to be the bright, cheery employee that most members see first as they come in to the gym for a workout. She also makes drinks at the smoothie bar for members looking to pump up their protein and vitamins. Jacqueline lacks the good attitude and make smoothies incorrectly, leading members to underestimate important calorie counts and misperceive nutritional facts.
Ivette, General Manager: Ivette works in a low-invome neighborhood as the General Manager for Retro Fitness. She is not afraid of her wide range of duties and takes pride in how clean she keeps her gym. She has the responsibility of calling members who are delinquent in their payments. Ivette takes ownership of the gym and makes sure everyone is getting a great Retro Fitness experience.