Orkin: John Wilson
Posted on May 1, 2013 11:40am


Why the Boss wants to go undercover:
Rollins/Orkin has been in operation for over 100 years because of its employees and the customer service they provide. John has followed in the footsteps of his father and has held several positions at the company. Rollins/Orkin has been an important part of John's life since he was a child, and he is very proud of the family oriented company he works for. Rollins/Orkin claims to have a commitment to long-term relationships with customers and the employees. John wants to go into the field to see how his employees are treating their customers and make sure Rollins is treating its employees like family. Rollins/Orkin will not survive another 100 years if he lets the employees' needs fall through the cracks.

Jobs he will do undercover:
Pest Control Service Specialist –Anytime a service specialist goes into a customer's home, it's a very delicate situation and there is a huge amount of trust involved. They are the face of the company for the customers, appearance and interaction with the customer is extremely important. When faced with a major infestation of German Cockroaches, how will the boss handle it?

Monthly Service Inspector– It's extremely important for a customer to feel trust in the specialist who is treating their home every month. In a family-based company, it's also important to have long term employees and sometimes incentives can help to keep them around. Will this COO be driven to make changes in the company so the long-term employees feel appreciated?

Branch Service and Sales Inspector– It's rare to find an employee who has the knowledge to diagnose a problem, sell a solution and start the treatment on the spot. Service and Sales Inspectors not only sell to new customers, but can also treat the problem instantaneously. When the boss is faced with an extensive bee problem, how will he handle the treatment?

Termite Re-inspector – In a company famous for "The Orkin Man", females are rare commodities in this male dominant industry. As a re-inspector, she needs to follow up on job sites to see how the termites are taking to the product. Can this COO learn how to recruit more females into the company to broaden the company's profile, while taking orders from her?

Featured Employees
Chris, Pest Control Service Specialist: As a pest control service specialist, Chris is essentially a face of the company. Customers let service specialist into their homes, which means most of the time they are the only representative customers come in contact with. Chris locates and treats infested areas for pests in commercial and residential settings. The appearance and the interaction of the specialist is extremely important. Chris makes sure to uphold that standard going into a home.
Johnny, Pest Control Service Specialist: As a monthly inspector, Johnny visits his regular clients to make sure the homes are still pest free. Johnny does an inspection of a home's interior and exterior looking for signs of rats, mice, roaches and spiders. He has great pride in the company and has built great relationships with his clients, which is a testament to his 28 years of service.
Aaron, Branch Service and Sales Inspector: As a branch sales and service inspector, Aaron will diagnose a problem, sell a solution to the customer and then start the treatment on the spot. He does the beginning pest treatment plans, which at Orkin are referred to as "Starts". Aaron has a vast knowledge of pests and how to treat them. Before taking a job with Orkin he was pursuing a degree in Zoology with and emphasis in Entomology. Aaron is passionate about bugs and Orkin, and knows that knowledge is power when it comes to his job.
Paisley, Termite Reinspector: As a termite reinspector, Paisley inspects homes that have been previously treated for termite infestation. She inspects every inch and corner of a home to make sure the treatments have been effective. Representing the few Orkin women in the company, she takes her job seriously in hopes that she represents them well.