Twin Peaks: Randy DeWhitt
Posted on Sep 24, 2013 11:15am

Why the Boss wants to go undercover: Twin Peaks is a rapidly growing, rustic-themed sports bar with an all-female wait staff. Randy DeWitt, CEO and Co-Founder of the brand, wants to go undercover to make sure that his company's culture is keeping up with its rapid growth and that Twin Peaks will thrive for years to come.

Jobs he will do undercover:

Server– Twin Peaks girls are the lifeblood of the Twin Peaks restaurants. They are the face and voice of the company, pulling customers in with their looks and keeping them with great service. It's important for the Twin Peaks girls to be personable, friendly and professional. What will the boss think when he comes across a server who pushes the limit of what's acceptable and also must deal with customers who cross the line?

Bartender – Being a sports bar, Twin Peaks sells a lot of alcohol, making the bartender's job crucial and central to each restaurant. Each bartender is trained to deal with customers who exhibit inappropriate behavior after having a few too many drinks. Will the boss be pleased with the company's training in dealing with these rude customers?

Bar Back – The bar back acts as the bartender's backbone. It is his job to make sure that the bartender has everything she needs to keep drinks flowing at the bar. Being a bar back is physically demanding and practically thankless. How will the boss react when he sees a lack of respect for Twin Peaks' hard working support staff?

Prep Cook– Making delicious food is the most important way to change a customer into a returning customer. Prepping the food for the day is so important to the daily health of the company. Having a homemade style menu means lots of people preparing each item daily before the restaurant is open for business. What important changes will this boss discover need to be made for his "back-ofthe-house" employees?

Featured Employees
Marissa, Server- Marissa is a sassy, opinionated server who has found a few problems with the way the managers run the restaurant. She works hard to schmooze with her guests, but doesn't recognize when she's crossing the line or acting unprofessional.
Chloe, Bartender- As a bartender, Chloe is trained to deal with unruliness at the bar and follows through with that training perfectly. She is hardworking and vivacious, making
her an exemplary employee for the Twin Peaks brand.
Kale, Bar Back- Kale runs around for his bartenders, making sure that they have all the tools they need to make each shift run smoothly. He takes pride in his work and knows that it's his job to be the bartender's backbone.
Brenda, Prep Cook- Each morning Brenda comes to work with a smile on her face, cheerfully making the menu items with love and pride. She knows how important it is to make sure everyone is following the recipe and working efficiently. Brenda's love of her work shines through as she prepares Twin Peaks food daily.