Donatos: Jane Grote Abell
Posted on Oct 10, 2013 01:55pm

Why the Boss wants to go undercover: Donatos was founded 50 years ago by Jane's father, Jim Grote, with one philosophy in mind, "To make the best pizza and to treat others the way I would like to be treated." Headquartered in Columbus, OH, Donatos pizza operates more than 180 restaurants in six states with an annual revenue of $170 million. The company was sold to McDonalds in 1999 but was bought back by Jane and her father in 2003 when they realized that McDonalds was going to sell the pizza chain. Jane firmly believes in the family values that her father founded the company on over 50 years ago and she wants to head out to the frontlines to make sure that their values are being upheld.

Jobs she will do undercover:

Delivery Driver – As a delivery driver, you are representing the brand on the road, and are expected to uphold the law and the company rules. Customers expect them to deliver premium service along with a premium pizza. Jane will be working with Aaron, a go-getter who thinks he is the best of the best when it comes to delivering pizzas. What will this boss do when she is faced with the harsh reality of how this delivery boy is accepting tips?

Assistant General Manager -An assistant manager's role is vital to how well a store is run. They set the tone for the store, making sure employees are doing their jobs and that the morale of the store stays high. Jane will work with Buffy, an energizer bunny who lives and breathes the family values of Donatos. Buffy works hard at keeping her energy up to set an example for all her employees. How will Jane react after she hears about the struggles this amazing employee has had to endure?

Pick-up Window – A high percentage of the Donatos business is done through the drive-thru window, so an associate of the drive–thru is an important role. They are the ones on the frontlines interacting with the customers, and are the only ones the customer comes in contact with. They need to greet each customer by name, make sure every order is accurate and deliver service with a friendly and personable smile. Jane will be working with Tangee, an employee with a tough exterior who isn't the best person to train a new employee. Will this boss break through the hard shell surface of this employee, and find a softer side?

Cashier – The cashier's role is to welcome the customer and deliver exceptional service. They need to be friendly, welcoming, and above all else have a positive attitude. Jane will be working with Kanisha, a vivacious, animated personality who truly enjoys her job and makes sure that every customer has a positive experience at her restaurant. How will this Boss react when she hears about all the struggles that this amazing teenage employee endures on a daily basis?

Featured Employees
Aaron, Delivery Driver: A delivery driver is an essential role to the pizza business; they are basically the face of the company. They are delivering the product to customer's homes, where they need to be respectful and courteous. The drivers need to be cautious while operating a vehicle as they are representing the Donatos brand out on the road. Aaron feels he is the best of the best when it comes to delivery service, and knows that a happy customer equals a better tip. He also has no qualms about taking tips in any form.
Buffy, Assistant Manager: The assistant manager role in the company is important; they essentially set the tone for the store. The responsibility of an assistant manager is making sure the employees are well trained, that the product and quality standards are in place and that the stores are bringing in business. Buffy is the most enthusiastic Assistant general manager in the company. She works extremely hard to keep the energy up in her store and to set an example for her employees. Donatos means everything to Buffy, and she is truly Donatos' cheerleader.
Tangee, Pick-up Window Operator: The pick-up window is essential to Donatos because it makes up a high percentage of the business at the Columbus, Ohio location. The most important responsibility for the pick up window associate is to make sure that when the customer arrives, they are immediately at the window greeting the guest and assuring the order is accurate. They are the last point of contact of the order before it is passed to the customer.
Kanisha, Cashier: Working behind the counter as a cashier is an important role in the restaurant business. It's the cashier's responsibility to greet the customer as if they are entering their own home. They are the first visual contact that customers have when entering Donatos, and are usually the only ones customers come in contact with. Kanisha is an animated young woman who treats every customer who walks into Donatos like family. Her spunky and kind-hearted nature gives Donatos that true family feel that Cathy is looking for while undercover.