Menchie's: Amit Kleinberger
Posted on Oct 23, 2013 11:20am


Why the Boss wants to go undercover: Menchie's frozen yogurt is the largest self-serve yogurt chain in the world, serving more than 30 million cups of yogurt a year. In 2010, Menchie's was named No.1 fastest growing food franchise in the United States, and is on track to exceed $1 billion in sales within the next 20 years. Amit Kleinberger, has been leading this dessert dynasty into global domination since 2008 and has no plans on losing momentum. Amit has achieved almost everything on his checklist, and he is determined for the world to know Menchie's and for it to become a household name. Coming from a military background, this solider knows how to run a well-oiled machine. Amit wants to make sure every detail is working within the specifications that he has implemented in the company. He wants to make sure all operations are running smoothly under his command.

Jobs he will do undercover:

Shift Lead – A shift lead is responsible for leading all team members. Their responsibilities can be from opening and closing down the store each day and maintaining the store upkeep, to making sure customer satisfaction is always a number one priority. It is essential that a shift lead know how to run a store properly and keep his troops in line. How will this boss do when put to test of making sure every inch of the store is spotless?

Shift Lead – A shift lead is really the ambassador of making people smile, and the boss is needing this to be consistent company wide. They are a fast growing company, and need to make sure that newer locations are staying consistent with the company's guidelines. How will this CEO react when he finds an employee that doesn't really understand what being a true Mench is all about?

Team Member - Each team member is a very important part in the customer experience at Menchie's. They are the back bone to every shift, and make sure the store is in perfect shape so every guest leaves with a smile. As Amit heads into the number one performing store in Texas, how will he react when told he is going to host a kid's party?

Lead Herdsman – Menchie's is proud of the yogurt they serve, knowing that has the best ingredients. A lead herdsman helps supply Menchie's with the highest quality dairy possible. They are responsible for the day-to-day care of the cows, feeding them, cleaning the farm and milking them. A lead herdsman is never off the clock and is a constant 24-hour job, even if that means waking up and delivering a cow in the middle of the night. How will this CEO react when he is face to face with a breaching cow? Will this boss be able to handle the pressure of delivering a baby calf on his first time visiting a farm?

Featured Employees
Dylan – Shift Lead: Working as a shift lead is an important role in the Menchie's empire. Each shift lead must be a strong leader in making sure all duties in the store are fulfilled. Dylan enjoys working for Menchie's and takes his duties as shift lead very seriously. At only 23, he has a passion to rise in the company and become a manager. His store runs flawlessly and a big part of that is because he has a passion for making people smile.
Drew – Shift Lead: Menchie's is growing at a rapid pace, so Amit needs to be able to trust that his stores are following his training guidelines. Shift Leads need to be able to train new employees properly and follow training protocol so that there is a consistency throughout the brand. Amit meets Drew, an over-confident 19-year-old who firmly believes that pretty people shouldn't have to work. Drew has been privileged for most of her life, which is apparent when she decides to make Alan her butler. She is just buying time working at Menchie's, before finding her dream plastic surgeon husband.
Jennifer – Team Member: Team members are essentially the face of the company; they are the ones delivering smiles to customers every day. They are on the front lines of the company, making sure the stores are clean and stocked and that customers leave Menchie's happy. Another side of the job is hosting kids' parties, where each team member needs to be energetic, fun-loving and friendly. Jennifer loves working at Menchie's and prides herself as being a mench. Her bubbly, hyperactive energy is contagious throughout the store and with the customers. She hopes to continue working at the store while going to college in Dallas.
Francisco – Lead Herdsman: The ingredients that go into yogurt are very important, and they need to be of the highest quality. Working night and day on a cow farm can be very daunting, but when you have a passion for what you do, it seems easy. Francisco is proud to be a part of the Menchie's family and does not have any complaints. He lives on the farm with his family, so he can be on call 24 hours a day. He spends most of his day elbow deep in a cow's uterus, assisting the birth of calves. He is a dedicated worker, with a lot of pride, wanting to produce the highest quality dairy products for Menchie's.