Alfred Angelo: Paul Quentel
Posted on Oct 30, 2013 01:50pm


Why the Boss wants to go undercover: Alfred Angelo has been in the business of making every woman's dream come true, with the perfect white dress, for 80 years. This family-owned company has recently grown to become the second largest bridal retailer in the USA, with annual revenues of $90 million. Paul Quentel joined Alfred Angelo in early 2011 to revamp their U.S Wholesale Sales division, becoming the president of the company. Paul was hired by the family to help track down the causes of negative reviews posted online about the company. Paul comes from the business world, and he has a business mind, making it sometimes hard for him to connect with the emotional bridal world. Paul wants to go undercover in the company to see if his recent changes are making it to the frontlines of the stores. Paul wants to take his company to the next level, and, by jumping into this "woman's world," it will be an educational journey for this president.

Jobs he will do undercover:

Store Manager – Working in a bridal salon, a store manager is responsible for making sure every inch of their store is a welcoming and friendly environment. They supervise all the employees in their store, and they make sure store operations are running smoothly. How will this fish-out-of-water President figure out why the online reviews at this location were so negative?

Sales Associate – The bridal industry can be extremely competitive. In order to maintain a high standing in this industry, a bridal company must dispatch representatives into the public to market the company as much as possible. A bridal show is a great way to get newly engaged brides interested in buying dresses, and the sales associate is the one who can really make the sale. The sales associate must be outgoing and charming when reaching out to future brides who walk past their booth. How will this boss do when he is forced to pull future brides from the busy sales floor and into Alfred Angelo?

Assistant Store Manager – It's crucial for an assistant store manager to make sure that each of the employees in the store has a positive attitude and in-depth knowledge of the products that are sold. The sales floor is where all the magic happens, so a store manager must ensure high morale every single day, ultimately making sure that every bride who walks through the door gets the dress of her dreams. As an associate, you have to know your product, so what will this president do when asked to try on a bridal gown?

Bridal Stylist – A bridal stylist is essentially the face of the company to the consumer; they are the ones on the frontlines dealing with each bride. It's imperative that a stylist has the drive, product knowledge and honest passion for getting a bride into her perfect dress. They are the conductors of the brides' experiences at Alfred Angelo, making the brides feel welcomed, important and well taken care of. How will this boss react when he meets the most influential employee yet?

Featured Employees:
Alona – Store Manager: In a bridal salon, a manager is responsible for making sure their store is a welcoming and friendly environment. They are in charge of all the employees in their store, and well as making sure all operations are running smoothly. Alona is a supercharged, in-charge individual who takes a great amount of pride as a manager. She knows how to run an efficient salon and understands how to make a bride's dream come true.
Deon – Sales Associate: A bridal show is a great way to get newly engaged brides interested in buying dresses for their wedding day. The sales associate is the one who is responsible for earning new customers and ultimately making a sale on a gown. The sales associate must be very outgoing to the future brides who walk past their booth. In addition to having complete knowledge of current inventory, the sales associate must also know how to personalize each sales pitch to every bride. Deon has a real passion for fashion, the drive that any boss would love to have working in their company. In the competitive bridal industry, Deon shows the boss how crucial bridal shows are in keeping Alfred Angelo ahead of other brands.
Leeanne – Assistant Store Manager: It's essential for an assistant store manager to make sure their employees have all the essential tools to run a successful bridal salon. Leeanne takes her job very seriously and has worked her butt off to make her way into management. She understands the importance in having a well-trained staff, which is one of the reasons why her store is one of the top Alfred Angelos in the nation. She has a spunky personality, despite having overcome great hardships in her personal life. Her positive nature comes through in how she runs her store.
Krysta – Bridal Stylist: A bridal stylist is essentially the face of the company; they are the people on the frontlines dealing day to day with all the future brides. Krysta is hearing-impaired, but she maintains a zest for life that pushes her further every day. She has a true passion for bridal apparel and really loves that moment when a bride finds "the dress". She is an inspiration for all of those who work around her, and she truly loves working at Alfred Angelo. Krysta believes that, with drive and dedication, anyone can accomplish whatever goal they set out to achieve.