Family Dollar: Mike Bloom
Posted on Nov 6, 2013 11:40am


Why the Boss wants to go undercover: In 1959, the first Family Dollar went into business. Now, this small-box retailer has become a household name all over the United States. Family Dollar boasts affordably priced, everyday products for families on a tight budget. Now, the plan for the company is to double the number of stores in the next several years and Mike Bloom, COO, wants to know what needs to improve in the stores in order to take Family Dollar to the next level.

Jobs he will do undercover:

Assistant Manager – An assistant manager's job is to be a supportive team member to both managers and other associates. Taking the initiative to get everything accomplished is a great skill in this position. How will the boss react when he's faced with an unhappy employee and an even bigger systemic problem?

Forklift Operator– In the distribution center, the forklift operator is a crucial part of the Family Dollar shipping process. The job requires operating large equipment with precision and safety. How does the boss ‘stack-up' when he's left to operate heavy, dangerous equipment?

Merge Operator – The merge operator in the distribution center keeps inventory moving so that the shipping process is as smooth as possible. In order to make this happen, a merge operator may have to take dangerous measures in order to clear a jam in the equipment. Will the boss be happy with what he sees in the distribution center?

Training Store Manager– This position is a fundamental part of the Family Dollar organization. A training store manager's duty is to make sure that managers are trained and prepared to lead his team in his own store. Will the boss be pleased with the training he's given?

Featured Employees
Lacy, Assistant Manager: Lacy works as an assistant manager and her job consists of helping her managers and associates with the daily tasks in the store. She works hard to stock the shelves, work the register and make sure the store looks good for the customers. This job pays the bills for Lacy, but nothing more than that. Luckily her good work ethic is stronger than her abhorrence of Family Dollar policies.
Rosali, Forklift Operator: As a forklift operator, Rosali uses heavy machinery to move products from one part of the distribution center to another. The machines take a lot of training, and Rosali takes his job very seriously. He is constantly concerned about safety and productivity. He never lets his personal problems get in the way of his good attitude and focus at work.
Rick, Merge Operator: Rick a father of 8 works as a merge operator in the distribution center. His job can be a bit frantic and at times dangerous, but he keeps his head up, focuses on safety and happily does his job. He is responsible for making sure that the boxes of products are moving through the warehouse smoothly, which he does with a smile and sometimes a harness! When not working hard, he plays hard, on his drums.
Chanel, Training Store Manager: Chanel is vital to the Family Dollar organization because, as a training store manager, it is her responsibility to prepare and train managers for stores across the system. Chanel is a patient, understanding trainer with a great work ethic. She is bright, bubbly and happy even though her personal life has been a struggle. She is the ideal person to be training other employees.