Dutch Bros. Coffee: Travis Boersma
Posted on Nov 14, 2013 04:45pm

DUTCH BROS. COFFEE BOSS BIO – Travis Boersma, Co-Owner and President of Dutch Bros.

Why the Boss wants to go undercover: Travis Boersma and his brother Dane started Dutch Bros. in the early 1990's with a foundation of laid-back culture and amazing customer service. Dane's death in 2009 to Lou Gehrig's disease was a hard blow to both Travis and the company. Travis is interested to see if Dane's spirit and the culture they founded the company on is alive in each store.

Jobs he will do undercover:

Plantation Foreman – In El Salvador, coffee thrives in rich, volcanic soil. It is laborious work cultivating and picking coffee beans; from digging the holes to plucking the correct beans off the tree to drying them out in the sun, plantation workers have long hours in the humid, tropical climate. How will the boss grow as he works along side to a hardworking plantation foreman?

Roaster – Dutch Bros. roasts all of their own coffee in house. Roasting can be temperamental and requires a knowledgeable employee who is passionate enough to care about each step of the process. How will the boss react when he finds out that upper management is burning his roasters?

Manager– As a manager, the duties Travis will perform include guiding Broistas (The Dutch Bros name for their baristas) to create a friendly, fun and fast environment for every guest they serve. Managers help with every duty in the store making sure that no one is overwhelmed with work. How will the boss do when he has to spend the day as a runner taking orders from cars and will he be creative enough when he's challenged to a greeting competition?

Broista– Instead of the typical "barista" Travis will be one of his hardworking, upbeat "bro-istas". Being a part of Dutch Bros. means being part of a brotherhood. Each employee helps each other while providing supreme customer service; whether it's taking orders or making the drinks, each broista is crucial to the stores operation. Will the boss be stoked by the broista he encounters?

Featured Employees
Alberto, Plantation Foreman: In El Salvador, Alberto works and lives on the coffee plantation that provides Dutch Bros. with 25% of the coffee beans used in the Dutch Bros blend. He labors over each and every plant that grows and is passionate about his work. He has 2 sons, one of whom has only one leg due to having polio as a child. Alberto is sad to see his son struggle and cares very much for his family.
Wil, Roaster: As roaster, Wil dedicates a lot of time to making each batch of coffee perfectly roasted for each store in the Dutch Bros. system. He works hard and plays hard as a motocross racer. However, he is unhappy that upper management doesn't care about him or the other roasters. The current roast master hasn't even been fixing important equipment Wil needs to do his job.
Jazmin, Manager: Jazmin loves her job and always wanted to work at Dutch Brothers since a store first opened in her home state of Oregon. Within 2 years Jazmin became the manager of her store in Arizona and couldn't be happier. Her great attitude hides a lot of pain from her mother's gambling addiction and her grandfather's death.
Banesa, Broista: Banesa is a bright, bubbly employee who loves her job and life. She is free-spirited and loving. As a single mother of two children, one with Down's Syndrome, Banesa struggles to keep up with everything. Through all this, she keeps a smile on her face and remains humble and selfless, hoping to one day achieve her dream of having a community garden.