Busted!: Boss Bios
Posted on Nov 21, 2013 02:10pm


ERIC CASABURI – RETRO FITNESS On the Retro Fitness episode of Undercover Boss, Eric Casaburi discovered that some employees were not giving the high level of service he requires within his gyms. He was forced to stand back and listen rather than take action as he normally would. Luckily for Eric, he was able to keep his cool and remained undercover during every job. He came close to being discovered when he worked with Megan by revealing that he knew a lot about Retro Fitness. After being so lucky the first time, Eric goes undercover again, this time to trick CEOs who had been busted in their episodes of Undercover Boss.

ANTHONY WEDO – BUFFETS INC. While undercover, Anthony Wedo, President and CEO of Buffets Inc. encountered a serious problem in the dish room of one of his restaurants: Skye. This dishwasher immediately put him to work without direction or training. Anthony's short fuse burned to the end when Skye argued with him and complained about the company. Anthony was forced to talk to the assistant manager, Ernest about his problem employee. It was then that he revealed to Ernest who he really was. Anthony revisits Ernest and Skye and explains to the other CEOs how he was able to improve that restaurant and help Ernest and Skye to succeed.

JANE GROTE ABELL - DONATOS Jane's first job on her journey was working with a pizza delivery driver at a Donatos near Ohio University. Immediately after meeting her employee, she noticed that the manager of the restaurant, Kim, was staring and giving her strange looks. Since Jane couldn't risk being busted on her first job, she decided to talk to the manager privately. Kim confirmed that she knew she was the Chairwoman of Donatos and that she had already told some other employees within the restaurant. Jane asked her to keep the secret within that store so that she could continue on her journey. Luckily for Jane, the delivery driver never caught wind of who she truly was and Kim kept her secret. Jane meets up with Kim to thank her for being so cooperative and not letting the secret slip.

KAT COLE – CINNABON In her undercover journey, Kat Cole had the opportunity to go to a unique Cinnabon location, a gas station kiosk. It was there that Moka trained her in the ways of keeping Cinnabon fresh and delicious. While giving out samples, a customer asked her if the show they were filming was Undercover Boss. Kat denied the claim but was concerned that Moka may have figured out the ruse. Luckily for Kat, she avoided being busted because she and Moka returned to work without a problem. Kat recounts Moka's story and shares what she learned during her experience on the show.

PAUL DAMICO – MOE'S SOUTHWEST GRILL While working with Janet, the catering director for one of the Moe's Southwest Grills, Paul Damico went business-to-business in order to gain new customers for the restaurant's catering program. At one location, instead of introducing himself as Mark, his ruse name, he walked in and said "Hi, I'm Paul". He quickly changed it to Mark, but the damage had already been done. With strange looks from the employees and customers, Paul was concerned that Janet had heard his blunder as well. Janet, however, failed to hear it and he was able to continue on with his sales pitch.

ANDY WIEDERHORN – FATBURGER Andy Wiederhorn was thrown off when he walked into his first job and misheard Val, the employee with whom he would be working. She proclaimed that she was the CEO of THAT Fatburger, which made Andy think she already knew who he was. Andy ignored the statement in order to avoid being busted and Val moved on to the training. In training, Val asked Andy if he knew the CEO of the company and then proceeded to tell him that they looked incredibly similar. When Andy wrapped a burger with precision and haste, Val knew that she wasn't dealing with an amateur. Andy was busted on the spot and had to ask Val to keep this a secret so that the rest of his journey wasn't jeopardized. Andy tells the other Busted CEOs that he and Val caught up a few weeks prior to the dinner and he was able to do more for her personally and professionally.

SHELDON YELLEN – BELFOR On an incredibly heartfelt episode of Undercover Boss, Sheldon Yellen, the CEO of Belfor met a lot of people who work incredibly hard to make other people's lives better. One employee he worked with, Jen, had him crawling under a house in order to fix water damage. Sheldon is impressed by how hard she works and is heartbroken to hear that she has been struggling to make ends meet and that she feels corporate is out of touch with what's happening within the company. In a touching moment, Sheldon reveals to Jen that he is the CEO of Belfor and that she'll be receiving the pay that she is owed and deserves. Since busting himself, Sheldon is extremely proud to tell the other CEOs that Jen is doing very well having gotten back pay and a promotion!