Massage Heights: Shane Evans
Posted on Dec 10, 2013 11:20am


Why the Boss wants to go undercover:
Massage Heights is one of the biggest massage chains in North America with 94 locations, and it is still expanding. This family-run company has a mission to help all types of people incorporate convenient, high-quality massages into their healthy lifestyles, at an affordable price. Shane Evans Co-founded Massage Heights with her husband, and her entire family works within her company in various roles. Shane has spent the past 9 years growing and molding this company, and she has sacrificed quality time at home in order to do it. She prides herself in being a strong positive role model for her daughters. Shane feels that the company is at a pivotal point, and, with her company soon to hit the major milestone of its 100th needs to jump back into the frontlines of the company. Shane is very hands-on with every aspect of her business; she lives and breathes her company. Shane is excited to see the good, the bad and the ugly in the company and wants to fix any problems she might encounter immediately.

Jobs she will do undercover:
Skin Therapist – Massage Heights just recently added facials to their services. This is a great way to expand clientele and to possibly get new memberships. It's important that each skin specialist have the drive and knowledge to bring back customers to drive sales. How will this COO react when she learns she will have to perform some extractions on a client?

Massage Therapist – The massage therapists are the most crucial aspect of the business. It's important for each therapist to understand and customize each massage to each client's needs, with the hope that the customer will join the Massage Heights membership plan and become a regular visitor. It's also important to make each client feel relaxed and confident that they are receiving the "spa-like" experience that the brand promises. How will this boss perform during her first solo massage?

Lifestyle Consultant – A lifestyle consultant is in charge of the front desk; he or she is the face of the business. Customers must know exactly what to expect when they enter a Massage Heights retreat, from products offered to customer service. Consistency must shine through from one retreat to the next. This boss is extremely proud of the products Massage Heights presents to its customers. What actions will this boss take when faced with the harsh reality that her retreats aren't consistent?

Retreat Director – The retreat director is the glue of each retreat, as they have their hands on all aspects of the business. They are in charge of the front of the house where they deal with customer service and complaints and also the back of the house, where they manage therapists' issues, schedules and training. It is extremely important that each retreat director has the knowledge and expertise to run their retreats properly. How will this boss react after discovering this director has had no proper training?

Featured Employees
Nikita – Skin Therapist: Facials are a new addition to the Massage Heights offerings, so it's essential that a skin therapist provide a relaxing, therapeutic facial for a client so that they will become a repeat client. Since she was a young girl, Nikita has loved picking, scratching, and digging at everything under the skin. So becoming a skin therapist was always in her future. She loves her job, but she wishes she had more clientele so she can stay with the company.
Colin – Massage Therapist: A massage therapist obviously has a critical role in Massage Heights. They are the heart of the business. A massage therapist must connect with clients and keep them coming back for regular massages. If a client comes into the retreat and has a great experience, they will remember that therapist and become a regular client. Colin continues to grow his list of regulars at whichever retreat he works. He is a great asset to the company and hopes to one day run his own.
Kenny – Lifestyle Consultant: A lifestyle consultant is in charge of the front desk of a retreat. They are the face of the company and must know everything about products, services and memberships. Kenny is a vivacious personality who has a true passion for life. He enjoys his job, but he feels there are aspects of the job that could be improved. If he had better training and knowledge of the Massage Heights brand, he would be an excellent employee.
Tori – Retreat Director: The retreat director is in charge of all aspects of the business. They are in charge of the front of the house where they deal with customer service and complaints and also the back of the house, managing the therapists' issues, repairs, schedules and training. Tori enjoys working for Massage Heights and wants her retreat to be a success. She moved to Florida to follow a dream of working for the company, and Shane really connects with her.