Mohegan Sun: Bruce "Two Dogs" Bozsum
Posted on Jan 13, 2014 11:10am



Why the Boss wants to go undercover: The Mohegan Sun Casino is crucial to the success or failure of The Mohegan Tribe. Some of the revenue acquired by the Casino is used for the maintenance and upkeep of the tribe and its council. To make sure that his people and his family are thriving for 13 more generations, Bruce will go undercover to find out how he can improve the Casino and the guest experience, so that this source of revenue will continue sustain the tribe far into the future.

Jobs he will do undercover:

High Limit Beverage Server– In the high limit area of the casino, it is important that beverage servers keep each guest happy and gaming all day and night. It's critical that each server is friendly, attentive and active because these high spending customers bring a lot of revenue to the casino. Bruce's son works in this casino and has a heavy presence in the high limit area. Will the boss break his poker face when he rubs elbows with his own kin?

Valet – The first interaction guests have with an employee is when a valet attendant takes and parks their car. In order to make sure guests feel comfortable with leaving their car with a stranger, attendants must be kind, friendly, professional and fast. Will time constraints cause the boss to break?

Slot Attendant– With thousands of people playing the slot machines each year, maintenance and care are needed on a daily basis. In order to keep things rolling, slot attendants help with payouts, broken machines and guests who need a bathroom breaks. These employees help guests and at the same time are being given their next task from dispatch; it's fast, chaotic and loud. Will the boss fold under the pressure?

Chair Crew Member– Concerts, conventions and sports games are just a few of the events held at the Mohegan Sun Casino Arena. This massive building needs to be set up and torn down according to the specific requirements of each event. It takes a strong back and a positive attitude to be able to make it perfect each time. Will the boss be able to keep up with a rock star employee?

Featured Employees
Amanda, High Limit Beverage Server: Amanda is a bright, hard-working beverage server in the high limit area of the Pocono Downs Casino. She knows her guests and makes sure that everyone feels special. She is fast, strong and not afraid to make her opinions known. She dreams of going to culinary school and opening a bakery with her sister.
Mellanie, Valet: As a young mother living with her fiancée, Mellanie struggles to make ends meet. She is dedicated to her job and strives to do her best to make the guests comfortable with leaving their cars with a stranger. When they're able to afford it, Mellanie and her fiancée look forward to having a wedding and proper health care.
Marcus, Slot Attendant: Marcus is young and ambitious, hoping to one day go to law school. He works hard to make each guest have an amazing experience and is proud to do so. After losing his house in Hurricane Sandy, he and his father bought a house together. Marcus struggles with mortgage payments and saving for the high cost of Law School.
Dalton, Chair Crew Member: After retiring from being a mechanical engineer, Dalton decided to work as a Chair Crew Member for the Mohegan Sun Casino Arena. He uses this job to stay in shape for his favorite activity, playing tennis. He hustles to make sure concerts and games are perfect for the fans. His father, one of his idols, passed away in 2007 and is buried in Barbados. Dalton regrets not being able to put a headstone over his father's grave and hopes that he will be able to do so in the near future.