Utah Jazz: Greg Miller
Posted on Feb 24, 2014 05:30pm


Why the Boss wants to go undercover: The Larry H. Miller Group of Companies has more than 80 businesses operating in 47 states and ranging across 7 industries, most notably including the Utah Jazz. Greg Miller stepped up to become CEO of the company when his father, Larry H. Miller, passed away after being stricken with Type 2 diabetes. Since his father’s passing, Greg has made changes to the Utah Jazz and ultimately doubled profits. Since the company has grown so rapidly, Greg hasn’t been as hands-on with every aspect of the company and delegates a lot of the responsibility to other people. Greg wants to go undercover and direct all of his attention to the Utah Jazz; they were his dad’s pride and joy and Greg wants to make sure his dad’s vision is going strong.

Jobs he will do undercover:

Floor Operations Employee – The game operations department is responsible for preparing the arena for every Jazz home game. The arena could host a different event every night, so it’s up to the operations department to transform the arena and make sure that every detail is ready for a Jazz game, especially the all-important court floor. Because it’s such a labor-intense job, it’s essential that each member of the team pulls their weight on the crew. How will this CEO handle all the heavy lifting wearing a prosthetic belly weighing him down?

Interactive Team Member – The Utah Jazz fans are extremely important to the organization, so it’s crucial to make sure that even fans in the nosebleed seats have a great time at every game. The interactive team members must have the energy, charisma and enthusiasm to rally the crowd and cheer on the home team. How will this introverted CEO handle the pressure when he is told he must energize and pump up the crowd for the game?

Dunk Team Member – Larry H. Miller was passionate about making every Utah Jazz home game unique and entertaining for the fans. The job of the acrobatic dunk team is to keep the crowd constantly entertained and involved during halftime and timeouts. Each dunk team member must have athleticism, timing and charisma. When faced with the performance of a lifetime, will this boss make his halftime dunk?

Concession Staff – Concession stands generate huge revenues for the Utah Jazz organization and are a crucial part of the game-day experience. Team members must have excellent customer service and know how to multitask. During a game, Jazz fans want their food quickly and hassle-free. Concession staffers must make sure all orders are completed accurately and in a timely fashion. How will this boss manage the halftime rush?

Featured Employees:
Dennis- Floor Operations Employee: The operations department is the backbone of the Utah Jazz. They must make sure the arena is ready for whatever event is being held inside it. It’s a big responsibility to make sure the transformations are done quickly and with precision. The arena could hold a different event every night of the week, so it’s essential that the floor operations crew is on top of its game. Dennis is a serious, gruff and hardheaded worker who is adamant about finishing everything correctly and on time. He takes pride in his job and wants to make sure that his team finishes every task as fast as possible. Dennis makes sure his floor and Lexus seats are placed with the utmost of care, and he one day hopes to retire with the Jazz organization.
Amber- Interactive Team Member: The interactive team is responsible for making sure the crowd in the upper bowl gets as excited for the game as if they were sitting courtside. It’s important to the Jazz organization to make sure the fan experience is the best in the NBA, so involving the fans as much as possible is essential. Amber is a bubbly personality who could be the poster child of pep; she desperately tries to bring the Energizer bunny out of Greg. She has grown up with the Jazz and feels very lucky to be able to go to work and get paid to watch a Jazz game. She loves rooting for her home team, and her love of the game shows in her passion for the job.
Matt- Dunk Team Member: When fans purchase tickets to a Jazz game, they don’t just pay to watch the game, they pay to be entertained, and the Utah Jazz Dunk Team is responsible for that. They are a group of 8 to 10 athletic guys who wow the crowd during timeouts with high-flying, acrobatic moves and airborne dunking. Matt is a true leader who prides himself on calling his team “family,” and he loves coming to work every day. He has a true passion for the game and is an inspirational leader to his team.
Manny- Concession Stand Employee: The concession stand brings in big revenue for every home Jazz game, so it’s extremely important that each stand runs with great efficiency. Each employee needs to make sure they are great at multitasking along with offering great customer service. Manny is a hardworking employee who enjoys coming to work every day. His dedicated work ethic shows how much he appreciates his job, and he has lofty hopes and dreams for his future. Greg and Manny have a genuine connection right off the bat and Greg is inspired by Manny’s tragic personal struggles.