Undercover Boss Bios: Undercover Employee
Posted on Mar 4, 2014 11:55am

For the first time on UNDERCOVER BOSS, three previously featured bosses – Amit Kleinberger, CEO of Menchie’s; Randy Dewitt, Co-Founder and CEO of Twin Peaks; and Steve Greenbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of PostNet – send an employee undercover for a second look inside their companies, on a special episode of UNDERCOVER BOSS airing March 7!

Featured Bosses:

The Co-Owner and CEO of Menchie’s, Amit Kleinberger, had a great experience when he went undercover. He feels his organization is fantastic, but he did discover one shift leader who was not doing things the Menchie’s way. Now he’s concerned that there might be other team members who do not embody the Menchie’s culture so he wants to take another look inside his company. Amit feels he is too recognizable to go undercover again himself so he has chosen someone to go undercover in his place. He hopes to find that all of his employees are making people smile.

Randy DeWitt, the Co-Founder and CEO of Twin Peaks went undercover in order to see what was working and what needed to be fixed before the company expanded. On his journey, he discovered that the ‘heart of the house’ was being neglected due to the constant attention on the Twin Peaks girls. In order to show recognition to these hardworking employees, Randy implemented a new training system where the Twin Peaks girls would learn the rest of the jobs in the restaurant so that they can appreciate what others do for them. Randy is ready to go back undercover to see if his newly changed policies are being upheld. Since he is now so recognizable in the company, he will ask for the help of a familiar employee.

The Co-founder and CEO of PostNet, Steve Greenbaum, went undercover the first time to see how his company was doing from the inside out. He discovered that people weren’t prospering like he thought they were. He found out that franchise owners were looking for second jobs and the marketing was not as effective as he planned. Now, Steve is ready to go back undercover with the help of a memorable employee to make sure that a franchisee who wants to open another PostNet Center is up for the task.

Featured Employees:

Jenny is a bubbly, high-energy team member who appeared on the Menchie’s episode of Undercover Boss. Her positive attitude and ability to bring the Menchie’s culture to everything she did led her boss, Amit Kleinberger, to offer her a job in the town where she wanted to go to school, and he also offered to pay for her college degree. Jenny embodies all of the attributes of a perfect Menchie’s employee and is, therefore, the perfect choice to go undercover.

Marissa is a server who appeared in the Twin Peaks episode of Undercover Boss. Her foul mouth led the CEO to give her a conditional reward: if she stops swearing, she gets $5,000. Aside from being crass, Marissa is truly a good server who cares about giving her customers the best dining experience possible. Being called in to talk to Randy makes Marissa nervous, since the last talk they had was not a very pleasant one.

Belton is a fun-loving, energetic and outgoing PostNet employee who was on the original PostNet Undercover Boss episode. After serving in the armed forces, Belton was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He works at PostNet, and in his spare time, finds stress relief by cooking delicious meals. Now, after taking classes at a culinary institute, a gift given to him by Steve Greenbaum, he is also working as a chef for a restaurant in his city. Belton is surprised by Steve’s visit and has no idea what is about to be asked of him.

Christina is a shift lead who takes her job very seriously. She’s efficient, upbeat and calm. She knows exactly what it takes to keep her customers and her co-workers happy. Christina’s mother recently died, and she has to work two jobs to support herself and her young son. This resilient young woman takes on every challenge she faces with a positive attitude.

Jeremy is a calm, professional assistant manager. The employees respect him and he helps each department with any tasks that need to be done. He is great at training his staff and has a great demeanor with every person. Unfortunately his long hours keep him from getting the personal time he needs with his girlfriend.

As a franchise owner, Amanda has a lot of responsibilities to her store and her employees. She also took in her mother after an aneurysm left her unable to live on her own. Amanda also still grieves over the tragic death of her husband who was murdered in their home. Amanda works hard to keep her PostNet franchise and dreams of opening another some day soon.