Budget Blinds: Chad Hallock
Posted on Apr 10, 2012 10:58am

Chad Hallock
Co-Founder and CEO

Hallock never went to college but has been in the window covering business since he was 19. After being pushed out of his company, he decided to open a new company, Budget Blinds, with his twin brother and three friends.

Why the Boss wants to go undercover:
The boss is going undercover to see if the franchisees are following all of the practices that make Budget Blinds a success. Chad wants to ensure that each franchisee is running their business so they can achieve successful for themselves, their families, and their employees.

Jobs he will do while undercover:

Sales Consultation, Franchise Owner
The boss works undercover on a sales call, hoping to discover why this franchise owner's sales figures are so low. While trying to discover the root of this owner's problem, will the boss realize that his marketing strategies could be the cause?

Installation, Franchise Owner
Chad is hoping to learn more about high-rise metropolitan areas like Chicago and how the franchise owners do their marketing. Will he approve of this sassy owner's unconventional methods to reach new customers?

Paint Line Technician
Chad is proud of the fact that all of the companies blinds are custom made in the United States and works in one of the production factories to see how his blinds are manufactured. Will the boss find the high quality he's hoping for?

The boss works with an installer for a very high volume franchise hoping to discover what the installer is doing to make his employer more successful. This installer works hard for his employer while dealing with a painful past. Will the boss learn more than a business lesson from this installer?

Featured Employees

Keith, Franchise Owner
Maris, Franchise Owner
Pam, Paint Line Technician
Dennis, Installer