Philly Pretzel Factory: Dan DiZio
Posted on Apr 25, 2012 10:53am

Dan Dizio President, Co-Founder of Philly Pretzel Factory

Dizio holds a BS in Finance from East Stroudsberg University. He has been selling pretzels since he was 11 years old.

Why the Boss wants to go undercover:
In order to build the business from a regional favorite into a national success, the boss wants to go undercover on the front lines to gain a better understanding of what is happening with the pulse of the company and get real feedback from the franchisees.

Jobs he will do while undercover:

Running a Philly Pretzel franchise is not just about baking pretzels. Marketing, making deliveries, balancing the books and following corporate protocol are just as important as making great pretzels. Will the boss lose it when he witnesses a franchisee going rogue?

Assistant Manager:
The boss wants to find out the secret to why this location is so successful. Before a store opens for business, the assistant manager is responsible for getting to the store before sunrise to get the fresh pretzel products baked. Will the boss be able to keep up with the demanding pace?

Delivery Person:
With a bakery location that feeds four satellite locations with product, the demands of a delivery person are high, especially since the deliveries are made on foot and the handcart carrying the pretzels can weigh as much as 150lbs. Dan must get back to his roots when he was selling pretzels on the streets of Philadelphia, only this time dodging cars, pedestrians and weathering the elements. Will this boss be up to the task?

Mascot's are a way for franchises to gain some attention from the community and entice customers into the store with coupons. It's a job that proves to be a lot more than just looking cute. Will the boss be luring people to the store or turning them away with his elaborate dance moves?

Featured Employees
Bill H, Franchisee
Marques, Assistant Manager
Gino, Delivery Person
Billy S, Mascot