MasTec: Jose Mas
Posted on May 10, 2012 02:46pm

MasTec Jose Mas, CEO

BA and MBA – University of Miami
Became CEO of MasTec in 2007 at the age of 36

Why the Boss wants to go undercover:
The company has grown rapidly in the last four years and there are a lot of jobs that Jose doesn't know about. His father, the founder of the business, was very hands on and Jose wants to live up to his father's legacy and learn about the frontline of the company.

Jobs he will do undercover:

High Voltage Electrician – As CEO of MasTec, Jose takes pride in the fact they provide the tools and training to keep their employees on the cutting edge of technology. Can the boss handle the shock when he discovers a pair of brothers using their own tools who have never heard of his training programs?

Equipment Operator – In the past four years, MasTec has become heavily involved in the renewable energy field and Jose hopes to see the impact they are having on windfarm landowners. Will the boss be able to handle pushing dirt with heavy equipment or will he be the one to be pushed around?

Foreman, Gas Line Maintenance – In Dallas, MasTec has recently lost a large account. Jose hopes to find out how they can work more efficiently but instead discovers discouraged workers being held back by an impossible to achieve bonus program. Will the boss find a way to improve the situation for these men working on old and dangerous gas lines?

Power Line Maintenance, Electrical Foreman – Safety is paramount to MasTec and Jose starts the job hoping to see safety regulations being followed. Unexpectedly, he soon discovers the impact his father had on this foreman's life. Will the boss live up to his father's legacy?

Featured Employees
Alex & Kelvin – High Voltage Electricians
Wendy, Equipment Operator
Rick, Gas Line Foreman
Hugh, Electrical Foreman