ABM Industries: Henrik Slipsager
Posted on Oct 14, 2011 09:00am

Henrik Slipsager
President and CEO of ABM Industries

Henrik is the recipient of a MBA degree (equivalent) from the Business School of Copenhagen.

Why the boss wants to go under cover
In the service industry, the quality of your business is only as good as the people working on the frontlines. Henrik goes undercover to ensure jobs are being performed correctly and that his employees have ample opportunities for a lasting, fulfilling career at their company.

Jobs That He Will Do While Undercover
Airport Shuttle Bus Driver:
The boss tackles the early morning shift and gets behind the wheel of an airport shuttle. Will he be able to keep up with the physical demands of the job or will he be left in the parking lot?

Window Washer: The boss puts his life in an employee's hands as he heads to the top of a high-rise building to clean the windows. Will the boss come clean about his fear of heights?

Janitorial Worker: The boss trades in his suit for a trash can and a toilet scrubber as he's called to clean the offices and bathrooms of a busy office building.

Freight Elevator Operator:
The boss gets a first hand look at the courage of his employees when he works side by side with a 9/11 survivor.

Featured Employees:
Kenny, Airport Shuttle Bus Driver
Peter, Window Washing Supervisor
Maria, Janitorial Worker
Larry, Freight Elevator Operator