Baja Fresh: David Kim
Posted on Oct 14, 2011 09:00am

David Kim
CEO of Baja Fresh

Why the boss wants to go undercover:

The boss wants to go undercover to make sure the customer service provided is keeping up with the fast growth of the company. He would also like to connect with the employees who make his company run. While working in the field he hopes to uncover potential problems and recognize the people who solve those problems everyday.

Jobs That He Will Do While Undercover:
General Manager: The boss learns that there is much more to supervising than bossing people around. How will the boss react when tasked with the simplest job of mopping the floor?

Cashier: Customer service is key when it come to working the register. Can the boss handle the pressures of a long line let alone remember what's on the menu?

Store Manager: Part of the manager's job is to maintain the quality of the food being produced by the restaurant. Will the boss watch as things heat up or will he take matters into his own hands?

Operations Manager: The boss sees what it's like to hit the streets as he heads out to set up lunch for businesses in the area.

Featured Employees:
Jose, General Manager
Anthony, Cashier
Rami, Store Manager
Carrie, Operations Manager