Season 1: Episode 6 - Friended

Friended: ­The murder of a twenty-something Manhattan socialite drags our team of detectives into the world of trendy after-hours dance clubs and pop-up warehouse parties. A distant niece of the car magnate, Alison seems at first to be surrounded by hundreds of “friends,” though it quickly becomes clear that none of them really knew her that well. We move through the usual suspects â€" sleazy modeling agent, self-obsessed ex-boyfriend, low-level drug dealer - but when we learn that the socialite is in fact an imposter/con artist capitalizing on a borrowed name, we’re suddenly thrown into a new world of suspects, where it seems both the con artist and her victims have secrets to hide. Carrie will come to identify with this troubled young woman, living with her own secret, surrounded by hundreds of “friends,” but ultimately alone. In the end, she must test her memory skills by parsing clues and dissecting individual conversations from the most chaotic of environments, a jam-packed Manhattan club where she has gone undercover to follow a suspect - literally removing layers of visual and audio input to mine the information she needs.