Season 1: Episode 8 - Lost Things

Lost Things: ­A young public defender is the victim of an apparent attempted rape/murder. Only, as they investigate, they discover that this killing may have been a stepping-­-stone in a larger assassination plot. Carrie’s understanding of her own obsession with finding justice for her sister helps her understand and track an obsessive young killer seeking revenge for his own father’s death. The public defender, Mary, has become suspicious of an old college friend who has been telling some lies. As she becomes more and more suspicious, he goes to confront her and accidentally kills her. He tries to make it look like a rape and murder. His real intention is to avenge the murder of his father and brother in a plant explosion years ago. he knows the trial for the company at fault is coming up, and he plans to hide in the courthouse, and kill the CEO of the factory. Carrie uses her memory to figure out what really happened. In the end, the team is able to stop Joe Williams before he kills the CEO. Carrie talks him off the ledge. Carrie continues to pursue the murder of her sister when she was a child. Roe and Mike start to understand this aspect of Carrie's life, and they begin to help her.