Season 1: Episode 9 - Golden Bird

Golden Bird: Carrie and the team are faced with what looks like a teen suicide but soon find the victim was murdered. Carrie attempts to reconnect with her Aunt Edie, played by Marilu Henner, in hopes of narrowing her search for Rachel's murderer. Once the two connect, it becomes clear to Carrie that Edie is avoiding seeing her mom because she's terrified that she too may have dementia.  Meanwhile, Carrie, Al and Nina narrow in on a suspect in the teen murder thanks to the female victim's journal and Carrie's memory recall.  It was in this journal that the victim, Amy, wrote about her best friend, Katie.  After an affair with a school teacher, Katie turns to Amy for money to have an abortion.  The teacher kills Amy in order to silence her regarding the affair.  Worried that the journal implicates him, the teacher returns to the crime scene to secure the journal, but is apprehended by Carrie on the rooftop.