Season 1: Episode 14 - Carrie's Caller

Carrie's Caller: ­In this episode Carrie meets the new Medical Examiner played by Jane Curtain. There are a series of sniper attacks, and Carrie and the team find the common link to be a man that was once tormented as a boy at a juvenile corrections camp. In the end our team figures out there is more than one perp. There is actually a man orchestrating the sniper attacks. Carrie and the team catch the shooter, but not the man behind the scenes. Carrie and the team track three grown men who were once campers at a sort of Juvenile camp for boys who were in trouble. We come to find out that these boys taunted another boy there terribly. Years later he is determined to exact his revenge. He starts killing them with a high power rifle one by one out in public. Carrie and the team know that his next victim is going to be on a ferry boat, and they show up in the nick of time. They take him down -- but come to find out that he is not the vice of the mysterious caller! There is a puppeteer that has been directing the sniper. And he is still on the loose.