Season 1: Episode 15 - The Following Sea

The Following Sea: ­Al has a hunch on a 2 year old murder case that went unsolved on the remote community of City Island. Carrie goes undercover to prove Al’s theory right and locate the missing witness. In 2009 a woman was murdered on the small and insular City island. Al has been tracking the case ever since, and he is obsessed with nailing the man he feels is responsible for the killing. However, the man he believes is the killer, is also the de facto Mayor of the community. He runs the island in terms of commerce. Everyone knows and respects this man. Al knows that he was the last one seen with the young woman that was murdered. She was an experienced swimmer form a long line of Fisherman -- and yet she drowned and the drowning was unexplained. When Al and Carrie are informed that the murder victim's best friend will be testifying on the Island the very next day, Al wants to go see the testimony. However, the witness mysteriously does not show up when she is supposed to. Al suspects foul play. Carrie goes undercover on the island as an experienced sailor taking a boat up the coast. She makes friends with a man that owns a fishing shop, and is under the thumb of our murder suspect. She quickly learns that he is in love with our missing witness, and when Katy, the missing witness, turns up dead, he is now a prime suspect. In the end we find that Al was right all along, and that the town's people were so intimidated and scared of this man, they refused to come forward to implicate him.