Season 1: Episode 16 - Heartbreak

Heartbreak: ­Carrie, Al and the team investigate the murder of a man who was dropped out of a plane into the outfield of a baseball stadium. The evidence trail helps them determine that the man is Jason Kubiak, a bank manager, and that he was coerced into being an accomplice in a bank robbery before he was murdered. Carrie and Al go to talk to his girlfriend, Sarah Green, but she proves to be unhelpful. DNA under Jason's fingernails lead them to Mark Payne, who comes out shooting when Carrie and Al drop by his home. Carrie shoots and kills him, but she also notices specific tea bags in Mark's home that were also in Sarah's apartment. They soon learn that Sarah was the one who masterminded the bank robbery in an attempt to get revenge on a former lover, but Mark was the one who actually killed Jason. Meanwhile, Scott gets cold feet and breaks up with Carrie, only to get back together with her later when he realizes how much he misses her.